15 déc. 2012

Loiret, a good place for golf

Loiret, a good place for golf

Loiret is located in the Central Region of France, a major feature of the Loiret is its crystal blue sky. Plus stretches castles on the Loire, Loiret become concentrated expression of the stage of French history, art and reality. French royal family had taken refuge in this Loire is also often referred to as »Valley of the Kings» vallée castle here quietly want people to tell anecdotes and legends of the royal family, these castles become more mysterious.Now the castle quietly rising golf, "dessert" evaluation reflects the feelings of the local people in the sport. Here let us glimpse of the Castle Golf's charm.Seven Tower Castle (ChateaudesSeptTours)The seven-tower castle golf course is located in the middle of the Kings Canyon. Soft a thrilling's bunker, clear blue water of the lake, flat, verdant greens by of Harradine and Dongradi two design guru subtly clever and ancient castle in the 15th century together. The fairways here, surrounded by forest and see the magnificent ancient castle in the 9-hole and 18-hole golf enthusiasts here can swing like the French royal family and nobles, but also the way the beautiful panoramic view of the castle.Wogueer castle (Chateaud eVaugouard) Wogueer castle located in the the Gatinais areas, this luxurious four-star hotel and a charming 18-hole golf course. Seclusion in Gatinais of forest. Adam Fromanger in the design of this golf course, flat turf green lake evenly distributed bunker is pitch perfect combination of golf fans pleasantly surprised not only feel better golf charm .

Cheverny castles (Cheverny)Perhaps Cheverny castle name you are not familiar with, but mentioned described by Belgian cartoonist Hergé Tintin, can be described as unknown. The Molan Sa castle in "The Adventures of Tintin" is to Cheverny castle of the Loire region as a prototype and create. The Cheverny Castle golf course golf course covers an area of ​​350 acres, was built by forest, ponds, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as generally demonstrating its gentle gentleman.The Austrian heat Wheeler Castle (Augerville)Gorgeous Auge Weiler castle 16th century, golf has to be a golf club. It is situated in a large garden of 110 hectares with a 18-hole golf course was built, lob off swing feel from the charm of nature. Players can not only here to challenge undulating greens, as well as all kinds of water barriers to better enjoy the Essonne Castle on the banks of the hotel.


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