2 mai 2013

les magnats de Wall Street et les ménagères chinoises

les magnats de Wall Street et les ménagères chinoises ! 

New insolite ... Une « bataille » accharnée a lieu pour le cours de l'or pour déterminer le cours de l'or a lié aux 2 groupes d'individus rarement associés dans d'autres circonstances : les magnats de Wall Street et les ménagères chinoises. Et incroyable, les chinoises ont finalement pris le dessus.

 Selon l'émission de radio « La Voix de la Chine », l'un des mots clés de l'année pourrait être « les ménagères chinoises », en passe de devenir une force majeure en dépensant 100 milliards de yuans (16 milliards de dollars) au cours des deux dernières semaines dans l'achat de 300 tonnes d'or, et contribuant ainsi à maintenir le cours de l'or à 1 468 dollars l'once. 

Le cours de l'Or en Chine

La « ruée vers l'or » chinoise a empêché la vente à découvert, qui se produit lorsque l'or est vendu puis racheté en période de baisse du cours.
Les chinois apprennent vite ! *
Cette pratique est vue comme une option pour soutenir le dollar, parceque l'or est souvent considéré comme un moyen de préserver la richesse contre un dollar trop faible, et pour maintenir des taux d'intérêt stables aux USA.

This last episode of lust for gold in China began in mid-April following the fall in the world price of gold, after the Cypriot authorities have committed to sell the excess reserves. On 12 and 15 April, the international price of gold fell 15% from 1,560 dollars an ounce at 1330 dollars an ounce. Note Goldman Sachs Some analysts said the fall in the price of gold was a strategy of investment bankers to support the U.S. economy, since two days before the fall of course, Goldman Sachs issued a note indicating prospects for gold drop this year and recommended investors to sell short. Before Goldman Sachs, other investment banks, including Barclays, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank had also predicted the end of the rising price of gold is observed for 12 years. Societe Generale has even predicted an outright crash, finding that "gold may be reached in the end. "On April 13, the China National Gold Group, the largest gold producer in the country, has reduced the price of gold bullion from 313 yuan to 298.5 yuan per gram, the lowest level in two years. 

La Société Générale a même prédit un krach pur et simple, en jugeant que « l'or est peut-être arrivé en bout de piste. »
Le 13 avril, le groupe China National Gold, le plus grand producteur d'or du pays, a réduit le prix du lingot d'or de 313 yuans à 298,5 yuans le gramme, le plus bas niveau en deux ans. 
Cela a éveillé l'intérêt des acheteurs chinois, qui se sont précipités vers les joailleries pour ne pas laisser passer une bonne affaire. 

This has aroused the interest of Chinese buyers, who rushed to the jewelers to not let a good deal. In most Chinese cities, the gold bars were sold like hotcakes and some shortages were even reported in the media during the holidays Labor Day. According to media reports, some have spent more than 10 million yuan to acquire gold, which is seen as a good luck in China, in addition to its long-term investment value. 

The big rebound number of buyers of Chinese gold and silver they had spent because of expectations of investment bankers betting a steady decline in the world price. "A big rebound in gold prices is unlikely unless a strong unexpected reversal in U.S. recovery," had written analysts at Goldman Sachs in their note. But to their disappointment, the price of gold has increased by over 10% compared to last April 16. Guo Tianyong, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that they saw there realizing its latest analysis of the gold market, taking the "housewives" Chinese considered. "The Chinese naturally like gold, but such enthusiasm reflects the very limited investment channels in China," said Guo. However, the effect may be short-lived.
Tom Kendall, an analyst with Credit Suisse, predicted that gold would not know constant long hike. "Buyers are price sensitive and they do not continue indefinitely to buy if the price goes up,"

source Reuter

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