13 juil. 2016

eBusiness conseils en Chine

Keep your e-Reputation
Fifth advice is to keep your e-reputation that could be interpreted as ensuring customer disappointment is not accumulated into public disappointment. You may need to visit some famous Chinese forums to ascertain how exactly the public opinion of your product. Do not ignore them otherwise you’ll be drowning in a sea of regret.

China’s economy has grown very quickly and this is evidenced by the increase in business numbers coming into the country. Of course, this condition is followed by several things, both bad and negative. Two of the effects that might be considered bad are that trade competition becomes more rugged and customers tend to be too demanding. If you are a businessman who wants to expand into China then you should make the process of adaptation. In other words you have to align yourself with how the Chinese people behave. This era is the era of digital and digital sales is what has become a major phenomenon throughout the world in recent years.

Stratégie Chine

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