9 juin 2013

China Beauty Expo à Shanghai

 China Beauty Expo à Shanghai

La 18e édition de China Beauty Expo qui s’est tenue du 20 au 22 mai 2013 au New International Expo Center de Shanghai a confirmé l’intérêt des acteurs de l’industrie cosmétique pour le 4e marché mondial du secteur en valeur, derrière l’Union européenne, les USA et le Japon.

La plupart des grandes catégories de la filière étaient présentes : produits et accessoires de beauté et de spa, parfums, maquillage, soins du corps, packaging, machines.

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he growing appeal of Chinese consumers for products containing natural ingredients was confirmed by the strong presence of such claims on the show.
Having to cope with the deterioration of the environment, Chinese people are increasingly aware about the importance of health and quality of life. At the same time, the increasing urbanization of China and the population’s improved standard of living drive the demand for imported cosmetics that are perceived of better quality and more frequently make natural and environment friendliness claims. Botanicals-based products, possibly from organic agriculture, are becoming increasingly popular in China.
This “green” trend is also reflected in production methods. Thus, over the past two years, the concept of “low carbon beauty” has become very popular in the Chinese market. The future of cosmetics in China seems increasingly correlated to greener and more environmentally friendly production methods, requiring less energy and polluting less. Therefore, many actors of the cosmetics industry in China are looking for international partners that would help them to address this new demand.

Olivier VEROT Stratégie Chine

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