22 mars 2015

10 erreurs à éviter lors de sa campagne SEO en Chine

Le SEO est essentiel pour un site web en Chine, pas visite le site ne sert à rien. Mais il y a des erreurs que les gens font trop souvent, et que peuvent gravement nuire à votre classement sur les moteurs de recherche chinois (ex Baidu) .

Voici les 10 erreurs les plus fréquemment commises lors de son référencement en Chine pour tout type de produits .

10 erreurs à éviter lors de sa campagne SEO en Chine

Bad tag and bad Meta description

One of the most important thing to do is to check the tags of websites. Tags are the identifiers that will allow a search engine, so an Internet user, find you. If you don’t have the right tags, people will never find your site, or you will appear on page 2 or more of the search engines (and we know that people usually stop their searches after the first page).
The most important tag is the title tag. Search engines value this tag a lot. It is the one that will be displayed on the search engine, so the first thing Internet user will see when they enter their search. If the title tag is not attractive or doesn’t explain the content of the website, people won’t click-through to your website.

Not enough backlinks

Backlinks are very important also for building SEO in China: Search engines like when an article cite its sources. If you cite something without telling where you got it, the search engines won’t “like” your websites and could block you or not put you on the first results. Backlinks will secure your website, also they will give you more views to your articles. If you write an article and link back to another article on your site, the reader will click through to read this article. This will increase your website traffic and your sites popularity on Internet. So you have to put more backlinks, when possible, but they have to be relevant: Baidu likes good backlinks.
There are tools to assess your sites backlinks like seo.chinaz.com. Here you can see the trust rank of Chairman Migo on Google and Baidu. As well as how old the website is…Happy birthday (a few weeks late), would that still work?

Long loading times

Long loading times will discourage your user. They will quit your site, or not come back. A very important thing if you want to have traffic on your website is to favour the user experience. A great user experience will make the user loyal, he/she will want to come back to your website and eventually share your website with friends or relatives. A long loading time makes for a bad user experience because netizens, especially Chinese, expect fast websites. Besides, Chinese are not very loyal to brands and like to have access to a wide range of product offers. Since they do, if a website takes too long to load they will simply go elsewhere, to another website with a shorter loading time.
A long loading time has two main causes:
  • -As a foreign company, you have localized your website outside of China or Hongkong. Since China has put up the Great Firewall every websites loading time outside of China has increased.
  • -You have backlinks pointing to foreign websites. Here again, the loading time is penalized by the number of backlinks pointing to websites localized outside of China.

A website that is hardly scrollable by Baidu’s Spider

Baidu’s Spider is a program that is allowed to visit pages on the Internet, and it built information into Baidu’s index. This can allow users to find your site when they are searching on Baidu. If a website is hardly scrollable by Baidu spiders, it will be poorly referenced; therefore ranked poorly on its keywords. A “bad” website in this matter is a website that contains a lot of flash animation for instance. Baidu has problems crawling this type of content.
So having a website that doesn’t appear on Baidu’s results is not a good thing. Here is some advice about Baidu’s Spider.

Bad identification of keywords

Keywords are the words that will identify a site. Keywords will also resume your page, the most important thing contained in your website, what is going to attract Internet users. Keywords can be done wrong: if there is not enough keywords, the website will hardly figure in the search result page. If the keywords are not well chosen, they won’t represent the website, and people won’t visit your website. You have to identify the best keywords for your site. For this you have to ask yourself the right questions such as:
  • -Do those keywords describe your company, services and cosmetics product offer well?
  • -Are these keywords often used by netizens to find product offer similar to yours?
  • -Are there a lot of competitors on those keywords?
Baidu webmaster tools and SEO experts can help you create a good keyword strategy for your website.

Not enough pages

Olivier VEROT Stratégie Chine

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