4 août 2016

5 articles intéressants sur la Chine

5 articles intéressants sur la Chine

Aujourd'hui on va juste mettre en lumière 5 infos intéressantes sur le marketing et la Chine

Des clients Chinois qui changent

Du côté des marques de luxe, la Chine entre parmi les gros consommateurs mondiaux de produits de luxe. Pourtant, les chinois n’effectuent pas leur achat au niveau national. En effet, ils ont tendance à se procurer des marques de luxe durant leur voyage à l’étranger notamment en Europe et aux États-Unis.

Business trends in China

China has changed a lot much more than usual in 2015. Indeed, the China’s economy has slowed down. That’s why, the President Xi Jinping has strengthened his power, which will involve huge shifts for 2016.


The young Chinese between 16 to 24 spend over than 27 hours per week on the Internet. Moreover, whole population from the Mainland spend twice much time online compared to ten years ago, fueled by the tablets and smartphones' using which is still growing up. 
The largest increasing relates the new young adults’ generation whose the time spent online almost tripled from 10 hours and 24 minutes each week in 2005 to 27 hours and 36 minutes in 2014


SEO is the important factor in increasing the company reputation. Particularly this helps widely with online trade, without this method getting succeeded in online business is really toughest job. 
When the customers or any visitors searching some page or company details in an organic way, this method increases the visibility. So without any wrong moves and distractions customers can able to reach respected site fast and easily. Indirectly this method helps in the sales and to promote business, this does not mean not suitable for old business and leading ones. It is a Perfect process that is a suitable method to reach the more number of a customers and goal.

Tencent, which owns the huge Chinese messaging apps WeChat and QQ, has a mountain of mobile data that brands are just starting to get a glimpse of. Considering the Chinese market’s incredible potential, it’s safe to assume that advertising players are nearly salivating at the opportunities. 


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