24 févr. 2017

Retrouvez moi sur Quora

J'essaye de répondre à pas mal de questions Sur quora.

Vous pouvez me suivre. ;-)

Des questions répondues


Obviously it is a large country so even a small wealthy class will still be a lot of people. But what would the range of wealth be for Chinese visiting the UK/Europe and what would their standard of living be like at home. Do these people all have ties with the communist party to have that wealth?

The number of Chinese people studying in London is rising and U.K will welcome them with open arms, indeed Chinese students contribute around 2 billion to England´s economy

What are WeChat mini programs?

The development of mini apps or mini ‘programmes’ within WeChat is therefore not a surprising development for such an integrated Chinese service, in-fact for branding it presents a huge opportunity

Olivier VEROT
Stratégie Chine

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