4 janv. 2015

Une Agence Digitale à Shanghai

Digital Agency in Shanghai

Voici en avant garde notre dernière video réalisée par Damien.

Description : 

New demands and online consumption in China have created an operations crisis for International Digital agencies, and opportunities for locals once upon a time a Digital Agency in China, born in Shanghai, a fusion of French and Chinese knowledge to deliver professionel services to Brands, companies who want to enter into the Chinese Market. China is a big Online Advertising Market and e-commerce is booming....

International Marketers from everywhere in the world need help to understand and attack this market. Gentlemen Marketing Agency offer Search Engine services, SEO SEM, Social media Campaign, Digital Strategy based on Media buying, PR (Media blogs and KOL) Viral Marketing, Multimedia (Photos and Video) ... Everything what needs a Brand to success in China. We are Based in Shanghai , and are considered as one of of the most dynamic digital Agency in Shanghai.

Olivier VEROT
Stratégie Chine

3 commentaires:

  1. Sebastien Regaud8 janvier 2015 à 02:06

    Bravo pour la qualité de cette vidéo Monsieur VEROT

  2. Waouh ! La vidéo est vraiment très top. Quel professionnalisme ! Je ne souhaite que du bon pour l’agence.

  3. Merci pour vos commentaires d'encouragement