20 oct. 2016

actualité du digital chinois

Ils parlent de nous cette semaine et on les remercie.

Wechat Marketing conseils

Je vais partager avec vous dans cet article 20 conseils pour utiliser WeChat de manière efficace pour votre entreprise peu importe le secteur auquel vous appartenez.

1 – Créez un compte officiel

La première étape et la plus importante afin d’utiliser pleinement les fonctionnalités de WeChat est de créer un compte.
Mais pas n’importe quel compte, vous devez créer un compte vérifié, corporate, appelé un “compte officiel”. 
Tout ce que vous avez à faire est de visiter le Site officiel de WeChat et remplir le formulaire en ligne “Registration form” (en version Beta).


SEO Tips

Online business advertising is the best way to get a site or web gateway saw by potential client base. A SEO organization examines the relationship between the accessible internet searcher calculations and guest conduct to get the catchphrases put and positioned on top of real web indexes like Google, Bing, and Yippee.
A presumed SEO office obliges a capable gathering of SEO experts who are exceptional about the directing happenings and progressions in the propelled innovations and SEO rehearses. This accomplished SEO group comprehends the streamlining needs of an online business. They take each favorable position of the managed and perceived white-cap SEO procedures to guarantee valid development in your site’s hunt rankings. It additionally helps incredible in enhancing SERP situations emotional results for your business site.

Online Advertisement Strategies for Brand Promotions

Advertising campaigns through social media, video presentations, social media marketing, social networking, search engine optimization, print media promotion, hard copy or in printed form, electronic media promotion and cross channel promotion, all have smart strategy techniques which uses by marketing experts according to the nature of the products. A meaningful campaign which design according to the culture values and according to the nature of the people which people likes mostly always leave good impact on product sale. Carefully analyze the Chines market for online advertisements and use most famous marketing campaigns for brand promotions.


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