28 déc. 2017

Top 5 des marchés prometteurs en Chine

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China is now the Eldorado of small and large companies that want to embark on business in China. But before entering into the Chinese market, it is important to do amarket research to find out which are the most promising sectors in China. This article will review the most lucrative markets in China. Chinese consumers make their purchasing decisions based on their perception of the product. 

With higher incomes, consumers are looking for more high-quality products that offergreat well- being. Very good quality products are usually 20 times more expensive than average. For theChinese households, wealthy means average 136,000 yuan ($ 19,800) or more eachyear. Approximately 11 million Chinese households reach the status of "new rich". It istherefore imperative to understand this new type of consumer in order to betterunderstand the growth sectors in China. Education - It weighed nearly RMB 1.6 billion (€ 220 million) in 2015 - Nearly RMB 3 billion (410 million euros) by 2020. - Of 1.5 billion Chinese citizens, 17% are between 0 and 14 years old, requireeducation. - More than 350 international schools in China toda

Olivier VEROT Stratégie Chine

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