28 déc. 2017

Le Marché du vin en Chine en 2018

Découvrez la dernière publication d'Olivier VEROT sur le Marché du Vin En Chine sur Accademia

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Le Marché du vin en Chine en 2018 

Chinese consumers are easily influenced by luxury foreign brands. Thus they are purchasing only from brands and companies they have known, which makes it hard toearn Chinese consumer’s trust.

If you want to attract the younger generations in China, you have to consider twoimportant things: the packaging and lower alcohol content. About to packaging,Chinese consumers prefer classy expensive looking designs. It makes them feel moresophisticated. Instead of traditional Chinese alcohol with high alcohol content such asBaijiu and Mijiu, the younger generations prefer to consume alcohol with lowercontent such as beer and wine

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