10 oct. 2017

Alors... Pourquoi souhaitez vous intégrer l'Agence Gentlemen....

Réponse à une question.
Pourquoi souhaitez vous intégrer l'Agence Gentlemen....

  • Why you would like to choose Gentlemen Marketing Agency?
The first reason for choosing Gentleman Marketing Agency would be your expertise in digital marketing. I as mentioned previously, digital is where Marketing is going to, the future of it if not already the present especially in China. It is developing at such a fast pace and so well suited for the Chinese market that I am eager to see how far it will expand to. 
I also understood that you are offering your services to different brands coming from different sectors which for me is very important, as it surely is more enriching than working on a single brand. 
Besides that, I have come across your company through your blog that I often read and I find it fabulously smart and I would very much like to be able to write my own article someday.
From the creation of Gentlemen Marketing Agency that started with a passion for digital, combined with deep research and marketing strategies, I feel true passion from your work and that is a value I share.

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